Tocsin 640 Addressable Control Panel with Detectors for VOC, CO, O2 and CO2
Tocsin 640 Addressable Control Panel with Detectors for VOC, CO, O2 and CO2 Control Panel IGD  Gas Detectors & Gas Analyzers Penang, Malaysia, Perai Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Dreshler Resources Sdn Bhd
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TOCSIN 640 control Panel

The TOCSIN 640 Addressable Control Panel with Detector is a variant of the TOCSIN 640 Detector Control Panel that is pre-fitted with a detector and mains lead. It is available for CO2, oxygen and N2O detection.


  • Small surgeries, for oxygen depletion monitoring
  • Horticulture or brewery CO2 detection applications
  • Background N2O monitioring


  • Pre-calibrated and configured with standard alarms based on HSE EH40 document
  • Ready to use on delivery with virtually no installation required - easy to wall mount
  • Pre-fitted with a mains lead


  • Green LED in normal operation
  • Flashing red LED on alarm
  • Flashing yellow LED when it is in fault
  • Level indication included
  • Alarms automatically reset once hazard is clear requiring no user input
  • Shipped with factory calibration certificates
  • Gas detector fitted with a long-life infrared or a polymer cell - operational life 5+ years


  • Supplied pre-calibrated with either a CO2, oxygen or N2O detector
  • Expand later as required with additional detectors
  • Relay outputs as standard
  • 4-20mA outputs
  • RS485 MonBus
  • Control up to 24 IGD gas detectors or I/O modules
  • E-Stop input (system configurable)
  • Dedicated interlock to fire systems (system configurable)

Available sensor types:

  • Infrared
  • Polymer
  • TOC 30 annunciator control panel accessory
  • TOCSIN 107 addressable I/O node control panel accessory

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