Horizontal Magnetic Float Level Switch SHM-100
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Horizontal Magnetic Float Level Switch - SHM100


TYPE Horizontal Magnetic Float Type Level Switch
PRINCIPLE When the float rises by buoyancy due to change in liquid level, the magnet of the shaft
moves and the magnet of the holder is repelled,
operating the micro switch, and the corresponding contact is output to increase the level.
Action to be adjustable
RANGE ㆍBasic type : 200mm ㆍOption type: 400mm
TEMPERATURE ㆍBasic type: -25íŠ∼120íŠ
ㆍOption type: -25íŠ∼210íŠ
PRESSURE ㆍMax 10kg/㎠
FEATURES ㆍPump direct control function
ㆍSimple installation
ㆍStainless steel structure
ㆍStrong durability of float
ㆍVarious chamber selection
ㆍExplosion-proof type
OUTPUT ㆍBasic type: 1 SPDT
ㆍContact capacity: 5A 250V AC
ㆍ Hydraulic equipment
ㆍ Lubricating oil system
ㆍ Chemical and cooling water tank
ㆍ Others

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