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Mini Float Type Level Switch - SOL


TYPE  Mini Float Type Level Switch
PRINCIPLE It is operated by using reed switch and a magnet. As the float rises or falls with the level of the liquid, the reed switch in the pipe is activated by the magnet in the float and relay point comes out. This relay point can be used single point for low level or high level at small-capacity tank. When ordering, various designs are available depending on usages and various materials according to kinds of liquid.
RANGE •Standard: 57mm
•Optional: Within 1000mm
TEMPERATURE •SOL-5 : -10∼100
•SOL-2B/2P : -10∼90
•SOLH-3 : -10∼90
PRESSURE •SOL-5/2B : Max. 10K/㎠
•SOL-2P : Max. 5K/㎠
•SOLH-3 : Max. 5K/㎠
FEATURES •Compact size
•Low cost
•Reliability/Long switch life
•Usable with wide range of liquids
•Easy installation
OUTPUT •Standard : 1 point
•Optional : 2∼4 point
•Contact capacity :
0.5A 300V AC
0.5A 300V DC
APPLICATION •Coffee vending machine
•Medical devices
•Vending machine analyzer
•Air conditioner and cooler
•Agricultural machines
•Oil pressure & lubricant oil device
•Oil pressure machines

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