Paddle Type Level Switch SPS SR7
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Paddle Type Level Switch - SPS / SR7


TYPE Paddle Type Level Switch
PRINCIPLE This devices operates using the rotation movement of the pedal connected to the syncro-motor. When the measured powder reaches the rotating powder and gives resistance to the pedal's rotation, the axis of the motor rotates in the opposite direction and operates the Micro Switch. A magnet type clutch is embedded so that even if the falling impact of the measured object is conveyed to the pedal, the motor is not damaged. There are two types: for heavy loads and light loads.
RANGE •Standard
SR7 : 69/128mm
SPS : 74/118mm
Spindle length : Within 200/300mm
Pipe length : Within 500mm
TEMPERATURE •Standard : -10íŠ∼80íŠ
•Optional : -10íŠ∼150íŠ
For light weight powders and small hoppers
For heavy weight powders and mid/large size silos
Low cost
Sensitivity adjustment
Easy installation and maintenance
•Contact capacity : 3A 250V AC
POWER SUPPLY •SPS : 110/220V AC 50/60Hz
•SR7 : 110 or 220V AC, 50/60Hz
APPLICATION •Plastic injection machine Hopper(SR7)
•Plastic powder and chip manufacturing facility
•Rice cleaning facility
•Grain processing facility
•Ore, Sand, Cement, and Cement mixing facility
•Connecting part : Brass, 304/316SS
•Pedal : PC, 304/316SS

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